The LA Diaries (Unabridged) Day 1: The Drive

I apologize, as the title is misleading. Although some of the following events do take place in Los Angeles, the majority of them are simply in the small burb known as Southern California.

It all started perhaps two days before leaving, when I realized that what I had heard about (a gathering of souls, a reunion of those who had sojourned to South Korea much like I had) would be taking place in southern California. At first, I assumed that during this time I would be working, which is where I should have been, given the fact I had no school and a still working car. Instead, I was given a week off, so why shouldn’t I travel to see old friends and new? (Money, safety, perhaps. I can have those things later though.) So it was decided. I would drive down to Redding (a two hour drive when I drive), and then friends Kim, Dassie, and I would travel the 10 hours down in the middle of the night, an attempt to avoid the dreaded so cal traffic.

On the day of the drive, I worked in the morning, waking up at 6am and working until noon, driving down to Redding, my hometown that is feeling less and less like my hometown, and got picked up for the ride down. Our scheme to avoid traffic worked, quite well in fact. Kim drove the first five hours, until somewhere past Sacramento, perhaps Santa Ana. We basically followed I-5 south, and I must say, seeing it in the dark is really not that different than seeing it during the day, the same flat and eager landscape, the only difference being you are not aware of from where the distinct dairy smell comes from. I drove the stretch from around 11pm until 4am, which was beautiful devoid of traffic, except the occasional car, and with the notable exception of 16 miles from our destination, where the crews of Oceanside decided that the perfect time to do road construction was around 3am. Granted, while there is most likely generally little traffic at this time, constricting the road from four lanes to one managed to gather all traffic on the roads and lead to one stressful stop and go session. Luckily, the car in front of us was plastered in ‘Namaste’ and ‘Peace’ and ‘Ghandi’ bumper stickers, and I feel as if this was some sort of sign to me, but the message was really unclear, I think it was telling me to let out my inner road rage? I am still not sure.

We arrived at our friends house around four, he was still awake, bless his soul, and we promptly unpacked and slept. We had a long day ahead of us.


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