Where has the AE crew gone?

Explaining the hiatus in our presence

If you are reading this, it is my hope that you know we are not American Eagle crewmembers, but Adventurers Extraordinaire, the collaborative group of people dedicated to exploring the wilderness, seeking incredible sights, and simply and truly living.

Our facebook page was designed as a landing site, a way to organize and plan out trips, but as the casual observer may note, we haven’t used it in about a year. No, we have not yet fallen into desk jobs in closed offices, nor sold out to Patagonia (not yet, if any Patagonia CEO’s are reading this I am not entirely opposed to the idea), we have simply been separated by geography and invested in our educations.

So is Adventurers Extraordinaire dead?

We are writing this message to tell assure you of one thing: Adventurers Extraordinaire will not go the way of Myspace.

Valerye Woodruff, a co-founder, and I have talked it over and decided it is time to breathe new life into the organization, for our love of adventure has never quelled, and the idea of connecting to great people and great places will always be attractive.

So keep an eye out for upcoming events and an updated facebook page.

But where has the crew gone?

I suppose I never did answer that question, so without further ado, here is an update on our lives.

Valerye Woodruff is a co-founder, river raft guide, hula hooper, and dreamer. We met in an Oceanography class at community college, and found a mutual fondness for nature. We formed Adventurers Extraordinare, and had a summer of adventures, hiking Castle Crags, exploring water falls, jumping into lakes, camping under the stars, and finding caves.

Valerye atop Black Butte (elevation: 7,454′) and facing Mt. Shasta

After community college, she went to Feather River College, in the small town of Quincy, nestled in the mountains. She is taking Outdoor Adventure Leadership classes, is in a performing troupe that travels to music festivals and fairs, can hula hoop and make hula hoops like no one’s business, and will be graduating soon. She is dating an ultra rad gent named Trevor, and keep and eye out for the two of them on the PCT in the future.

Ryan Loughrey (a.k.a. myself) has moved up to southern Oregon for school, and is now a bicyclist, amateur photographer and writer, and coffeeshop lurker. He is attempting to keep a personal blog filled with his stories, is a writer/social media strategist/collaborator to College Chow, occasionally writes for the school newspaper, and is hoping to graduate in spring of 2016. He likes to give people nicknames and go to concerts.

Ryan in Portland. Captured by Maytal Espino

Any questions? Shoot either of us a line, we are generally pretty friendly (except occasionally before coffee). We are also always looking for new places to explore, and new people to meet. Until next time, enjoy your journeys.



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