How to visit Ashlandia (A Guide)


Recently, a friend asked where they should go in Ashland, Oregon. After living there for two years and falling in love with the small and charming town, I put together a guide and thought I should share it with everyone. The town seems like it is separate from the rest of the remote, a haven of peace and understanding with a strong culture of Shakespeare and naturalism. Without further (or much) ado, here’s a small list of personal highlights:


Where to Eat

  1. Caldera Brewery (on the south end of town is best, the downtown one is okay though)
  2. Rubys. Best breakfast burritos in the land
  3. Smithfields Pubs and Pies. English style meat pies and decent drinks
  4. Standing Stone Brewery. Food is better than their beer, in my opinion
  5. Martollis Pizza. Good cheap pizza.
  6. Morning Glory. Best breakfast. Bomb food, super hipster.


  1. Growler Guys. Good if you want to drink every beer ever.
  2. Start classy. The Brickroom or Granite are perfect downtown places with classy drinks. Or Macaronis is expensive, but it’s where all the shakespeare festival actors go after shows.
  3. I-pub. It’s called something else… O’Ryan’s? It’s the Ashland equivalent of Shameless, but it has pool tables and foosball, so way better
  4. End your night dancing at Vinyl. It’s around the back of I-pub, down the stairs. Gross, sweaty, poles for pole dancing. Keep your drinks close, and your enemies closer. Worth it when drunk.
  5. Or, if you want to check out other dive bars in Ashland: Wild Goose, or Beau Club.
  6. If you are going to Medford, Elements is the best place for dancing, or depending on the night 4 Daughters across the way. They have good garlic fries. Best dive bar in Medford: The Gypsy. They have karaoke.



  1. Case Coffee. Across from SOU, too small considering how great it is
  2. Mix Bakeshop.

    Noble (sometimes the staff is less than friendly, and (unpopular opinion) I’m not a huge fan of their coffee, but the ambiance of the building and neighborhood is nice


    La Baguette/hardware cafe. Great live music and food, right in the Railroad District

  5. Boulevard Coffee. Attached to a hotel, it is a little odd but a nice unassuming place with good drinks and food, and friendly staff.

Local Hikes/Nature

  1. Grizzly Peak. Best hike, but a little long
  2. Pilot Rock. this might be a little long, but epic
  3. Table Rocks. There is upper and lower, and they are both beautiful. One is just longer.
  4. Hobart Bluff. Similar to Grizzly Peak
  5. Roxy Anne

Other points of interest 

  1. Walk around Downtown. Especially Renaissance Rose. You should go there. Or the Shakespeare Fest gift shop is pretty dope. Lots of cool and quaint little places.
  2. Lithia Park. Huge park worth exploring
  3. Wine tasting. Perfect climate for grapes, so there’s literally a billion vineyards around.
  4. Hangout at Emigrant Lake. Just a chill little place. Bring a floatie and some brewsksi. Or, I think you can rent like standup paddleboards in town?
  5. Jacksonville. Small, historical town
  6. Dobra Tea.

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